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Date A Live

Sergio P

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This is a remake of Kazagami's original thread.

Click on the author names to download.






Tohka Yatogami: Spirit: Dark Ruler - Imperius's Edit (Playable) / Inverse: AnToR_M - Vlad Jester's Alt Voice Patch - BobaFett's AI Edit - ZioGrando's Edit || Protozoark [JUS] || Kurumi Tokisaki: 1st: Hikariebun / 2nd: GhoS / 3rd: Protozoark [JUS] || Yoshino: Dark Ruler / [email protected] || Kotori Itsuka: Dark Ruler - kyjoke's edit || Origami Tobiichi: Dark Ruler || Shido Itsuka: Unsigned



Date A Live Temple by Alastor Flame || Kurumi Tokisaki by Nightmare Kurumi - 2nd || Orochi-Yatogami Tenka by 京其尔 || Orochi-Yamai Kaguya.Yamai Yuzuru by 京其尔

AL4MiHY.jpg   HgiuacZ.jpgA2KG5Q5.png



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