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Garou: Mark of the Wolves


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A new collection made by me and another rescued collection, I hope you like it ūüėČ

Red is offline, Blue is edited/custom, Yellow is WIP, Green is different gameplay and * needs an image.


Official Characters


Bonne Jenet: Claudio Toxi / EX-Inferis / Flam / John / Unknown

Freeman: Claudio Toxi / Ex-Inferis / Ikaruga / John / Unknown / Zero / 119way (KOF) / Kasumi1030 (KOFXI) / Zonda1523 (KOF2K2UM)

Gato Futaba:¬†Claudio Toxi¬†/¬†Deuce¬†/¬†Gen_an¬†/¬†GM (Win - 1.0)¬†-¬†Unknown /¬†Gokurakusyugisya¬†/¬†Tin¬†- [email protected]¬†(MvC)¬†/¬†Bananna (Custom/Garou JET)

Grant: Abuhachi - Zadkiel (KOF) / Adrianares - Duracelleur (KOFA) / Diablodelta / M.M.R. / Duracelleur (MvC) / ptzptz7 (KOF) / Infinite (CvS)

Hokutomaru:¬†[email protected]¬†/¬†Unknown + Duracelleur (KOFA)¬†/¬†119way (KOF)¬†/¬†Ryo2005 (ROTD)

Hotaru Futaba: Adamskie / GM (Win - 1.0) / Jin Kazama / Seravy / Strider Hiryu & Shadow Watcher / Sion / Tunin / 2 (CvS) / Warusaki3 (CvS)

Kain R. Heinlein: Abuhachi / Butti & Sancyo / Claudio Toxi / Syosyo / Omega Rugal / 119way (KOF) - Duracelleur (KOFA) - Zadkiel (KOF) / ThePaper (KOF) / ptzptz7 (KOF)

Kevin Rian:¬†[email protected]¬†/¬†NHK¬†/ Duracelleur (MvC¬†- KOFA) /¬†Ikaruga (KOFXI)¬†/¬†ptzptz7 (KOF)

Kim Dong Hwan: AngelMyst / Claudio Toxi / Gabriel Maeng / Kazuya / PysoleX / Tukemon / 119way (KOF) / Duracelleur (MvC)

Kim Jae Hoon: AngelMyst / Claudio Toxi / Dloop / Jeff / Kazuya / MrSteve81 / PysoleX / Tukemon / 119way (KOF) / Duracelleur (MvC) / K.O.D. (KOFXI) / ptzptz7 (KOF)

Marco Rodriguez/Khushnood Butt:¬†Blue Heart¬†/¬†Fraya¬†/¬†Kn¬†/¬†Myketto G.D.R.¬†/¬†M.M.R.¬†- [email protected] (MvC¬†- CvS) /¬†Duracelleur (MvC)

Rock Howard: Claudio Toxi / Dino / Fraya / Hatimitu / Hideyuki / Hirohiro / Kn / MB / Nekome / NeoGouki / Ssonic: Original - Fixed ver. / Ohgaki (Last Blade)

 Terry Bogard: Claudio Toxi / Fraya / GM (Win - 1.0) / Makomako / Unsigned / Yagami / T-Alf (KOF)

Tizoc/Griffon Mask:¬†GM (Win - 1.0)¬†/¬†M.M.R.¬†/¬†T-Alf¬†/¬†[email protected] (CvS)


Edited Characters

Different Style Chars


Bonne Jennet (CvS): Dampir & Infinite

Freeman (KOF): K.O.D - Duracelleur (KOFA)

Gato Futaba (CvS): Dampir & GM - Duracelleur (MvC)*

Kain R. Heinlein (CvS): RamzaNeko & Infinite

Kim Dong Hwan (KOF): Oscar12345  - Duracelleur (KOFA) / Kolossoni  - Duracelleur (KOFA)

Kim Jae Hoon (KOF): Oscar12345 - Duracelleur (KOFA) / Kolossoni  - Duracelleur (KOFA)

Marco Rodriguez/Khushnood Butt (KOF): Thedge - Duracelleur (KOFA)


Original Chars


Another Futaba: Mother Earth - Dragon972

Evil Dong Hwan: MmugenN

Gale: Ikaruga - Nihonohkami  - Duracelleur (KOFA)

Griffon Mask (pantsless): Mother Earth (normal - D4) / Oscar12345 (New Tizoc) -¬†[email protected]

Hyouken: LifeEnd

Informer: Flowrallia

Jack Bandit: Jack Bandit RT

Lauren Revolt: Jack Bandit RT

Luna: Toshi

Ravenous (first version): Ex-Inferis

Robo-Rock Type-1: Y.Y

Shira: Doagui

Tenshiro: JuanABL - Duracelleur (KOFA)

Void Rock: Chotto-Komaru & Alexi

Zero Hotaru: Arche / Mikage Sougetu


Adapted Chars


Ada Wong (Resident Evil 4): Flavio Camarao - Duracelleur (KOFA)

Anna Williams (Tekken 2): Chuchoryu

Dante (Devil May Cry 3): Alexlexus

Lee (Street Fighter I): David_Bazbal - Alejoma - Duracelleur (KOFA)

Piplup's 7th Evolution (Pokémon): Yensi78

Retsu (Street Fighter I): David_Bazbal - Alejoma - Duracelleur (KOFA)

Rober Pasta (Street Fighter IV NES): D, The Red Cloak & Trinitronity - Duracelleur (KOFA)

The Crow/Eric Draven (The Crow): ParaDo0x & Borewood2013


Other MUGEN Stuff

Stages: Claudio Toxi / NeoGouki / ghOw / Ryo2005 / Nyankoro / Vampipe (Freeman) / LyNCh (Freeman) / Type Wild (Grant, Kain) / Yzan (Hotaru, Rock) / Caddie (Terry) / Yusuke (Kain) / Alex (Marco, Kevin) / Tetsuo9999 (Grant) / Mattasaur (Jae Hoon) / Tof (Grant) / Sam (Hotaru) / KAINE (Kain)

Lifebars: Fail - Juu-bei7 (1.0)

Screenpacks: Claudio Toxi (320x240) / Spiderboy (320x240) - Gui0007 (640x480) / M.M.R. (640X480) - Gui0007 (640x480) / Unbekannt (640x480)

Portraits: KAINE / Gazira

Fullgames: Claudio Toxi (Mugen Omega) - Gui0007 (1.0) / Ristar87 (Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves) - Gui0007 (1.0) / 

Intros & Endings: Claudio Toxi (game intro) / Gamespy (Rock) / Alexandre (game intro) / Matmut (game intro)



Sprites: Insanius / Dampir (B.Jenet, Terry, Gato) / Croix (Kain) / Grim & Bonzai (Kevin) / CadienteJ (JaeHoon)

Sounds: Mysticus

Music: Catw / Video Game Music

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Not sure, I never realized where the sprites come from, AFAIK she was made from scratch enterely... but yeah, she has some similtudes with Freeman, so I'm not sure anymore... if there's an expert that can help with this would be great, I guess

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On 10/7/2021 at 8:27 PM, Emaserranista said:

Does Ella by Aiduzzi count as an original char for this collection? The character is obviously based in the girl from The Ring's movie and has a lot of references to other horror films like The Exorcist, Evil Dead, etc, but i'm pretty sure her main sprites are edited from Freeman.



Nah that doesn't count doesn't matter where the sprites are from if the character is not from the collection series.

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