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Donalda / Donald girl (edit of an edit, also my first!)


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Made by Kishio (og donald) + whoever did Donalda (file doesnt say) + Winblow


-changed big portrait (comes from some random frame in this video I only cropped it)
-removed the "singing" (replaced with random hit sounds) cuz imo it was weird
-buffed attack so it didnt suck (dont worry it isnt cheap.. alteast according to my standars of what could be considered "cheap")
-buffed speed a little bit


I tried adding an ai with the auto-ai program but I couldnt get it to work 😞

This is my first edit and im quite proud of it. The hardest thing was cropping the big portrait from the video. that alone took most of the time spent on this.

I can only make "lazy" edits (according to mugen archive, also the reason im not putting it there) and 0 knowledge on making "true" edits.

If you have any tips/general help please say so in the comments!


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