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Welcoming our new staff members!


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After much deliberation, head scratching, mustache twisting, and plotting with ridonkulocity hitherto unseen... or maybe just a few solid staff convos, we're happy to announce the new members of our mod squad!

@Dissidia has taken on the role of G-Mod on both the server and the site. As a long standing and friendly member of the MFFA community and knowledgeable Mugen creator and gamer we're stoked to have him on the team!

@gui0007 move up to the role of G-Mod on the site. He does have the position on the server as well, but his main area of focus is the forums. So if you want to contact him, that's where to do it. He's another MFFA veteran, and Mugen creator well deserving of respect and appreciation!

@Neo_Fire_Sonic is our new Discord Mod . He's been an MFFA as long as any of us, and with the Discord server from its inception. Our resident feisty Sonic fanatic will now be making sure everyone remains copacetic on the server, so when he says dash start spinning!

@Sir Ghostler has ascended to the rank of @Admin . Behold the apotheosis of the newest god in the MFFA pantheon! A proven G-Mod , established MFFA member, and Mugen creator with a keen sense of fairness, we're a richer team for having him in the top ranks!

Much gratitude and respect to all of our staff members for the work you do, day in and day out! Everyone knows it's not easy makin the big bucks with your feet on the desk all day, but we all passively appreciate being able to enjoy ourselves without being overrun by roving droves of assholes. Thanks for all you do.

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