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NZC Orochimaru Release 1.0


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Well, another NZC Character for you people who enjoy these characters.

This one was a bit annoying to work with since because of snake explods =P

Anyways, he should act like the other NZC characters that I made, and combos are interchangeable (will be for my other chars in the next update).

So lets get this started by posting my stuffs.


Posted Image

Posted Image




Feedback and Suggestions are welcomed.

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so well more like............"This character Sxvector, has proven to e a quite a nice addition to my roster, my good man :truestory: i find it funny u pointed out only ME abt appreciating a author's char went ppl have doing so in such a way for HOW LONG?? but i honestly dnt care tho...like "real talk" as long as SxVector knows i think he pulled off his NZC chars off nicely then i cud care less........

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