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So, remember the Nyal edit from "Proud of Ragequittin"?
I got banned for reposting it here
Don't worry I'll still get answers!
I want to know how to activate her boss modes since I still haven't figured out how
I still wanna know if there's a way to config it so I can automatically activate the boss modes
and I wanna know if there's a link to the stage "The Madness City" since IDK what that boss stage is
here's an og image of her
and link https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1EDqQBYE6qSkus-E_8HTc03Vd78MY9kbP?usp=sharing

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I have that version of Nyal, the sub-boss mode triggers when it's fighting in the Madness City.

During Sub-Boss mode, Nyal's AI recovers 72 HP for every succesful Parry, the AI also parries strings more often.


To change the stage in which this effect is applied, find this block in Nyal.cns:


[State -3, Messiah's Influence]
type = varset
triggerall = AIlevel
trigger1 =  StageVar(info.name) = "THE MADNESS CITY"
var(37) =  1
ignorehitpause = 1


replace "THE MADNESS CITY" with the name of whatever stage you want this to apply, make sure the stage's name is between quotation marks ""

If you want the effect to apply to you as well as the AI, just put a semicolon next to the triggerall line like this--> ;triggerall = AIlevel


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Back again, not to answer a question that I've already answered, but rather to post the updated version of Proud of Ragequittin's edit of Nyal, which was initially posted by Legeo364.

She's the same as the version posted by Legeo364, but with slight buffs to a few of her moves as well as the AI. The cmd was also optimized in this version, whilst retaining all functionality of the previous version.

The link is posted below this text:


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