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Hi. I have a question to ask.

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Hi. I am new to MUGEN. I started collecting characters a few months ago...so really not new? Anyways, I stumble across different MUGEN sites that contained 18+ characters. I became curious so I downloaded many random characters from there. It was until this month that I found out some of the fictional characters on the 18+ edits are canonically underaged. Isn’t this illegal to have fictional underaged characters with nsfw sprites? I know this is very off topic to ask but just questioning. I won’t be listing any sites since Im pretty sure most people on here would know where these edits exist.

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My stance on this is that a fictional character's canonical age doesn't matter. If they look like adults they're adults to me, and vice versa.


I'm also a firm believer that these characters shouldn't be protected by the same law that protects as a real person, but that is something i wish not to delve deeper into.


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