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  1. Another link : https://mega.nz/file/nQglkAJA#ZqLMlcTVz921_0g9kHWjrWpBY6NXuEhZqj6aiTuZ5Cg
  2. It means "you have been commenting on our website and i feel you personaly attack me, even if you dont. So fuck you, get out of my house/site" or in short, you get banned or atlease, they thought you "violating" the website "cease and desist"
  3. hey guys! so, recently i found that Transformers mugen compilation link was dead and luckily i can found the screenpack on MA, so i try to recreate the game on mugen 1.1 i also added some more character i can found here and there too😁 the only downside i failed to do is finding all the stage☹️ i hope you enjoy it,thanks! Update : so this is also a compilation(its in the title,DUH) so i moved it here link : https://mega.nz/file/fdJFFSpI#QG0Fuec9LTrrWwcb1k2A_-4nxEOYaEwFyZmSF-I6Ero preview :
  4. hey guys! so i have too many freetime while at quarantine so.... here's another ultraman mugen🎉 and tbh, i don't know if this count as just a compilation? let me know in the comment so i will know if this should be moved to compilation section anyway, i hope you enjoy the game,thanks! Update : so it IS a compilation,thanks to @Ryou for letting me know link : https://mega.nz/file/6RhTAaoL#BzFaVn7DpAQYYU3lTmXl4HQZVD3fEIjl5C7lo6ak-Is preview :
  5. It's okay😁 Thanks for your service
  6. Ultraman tiga by gainer https://pan.baidu.com/s/1WzTAjdhue_Mklb6GJhu34Q#/ Pass : 7kp8 Yeah, i dunno what's new. But usually a good stuff https://qxmugen.com/character/15493
  7. What's the error? Can you give us the picture of what you dealing with?
  8. I kinda want to edit some character to have a "hell yes i almost win" song,like the ultraman characters. so how do you code the winning song for character in mugen? Any help will be appreciated,thanks
  9. I've been dreaming for some well made Ultraman mugen. And then i decided to make Ultraman Fighting Evolution on mugen,although i dont really sure mine is well made or not I will appreciate it if you guys would give it a try,thanks Link : https://mega.nz/file/WdY0VSib#kDdNG-3-B9gx8n-Xm9Gaj462_17PEAtUSKYOU6wrTR4
  10. Can someone check this belial? https://pan.baidu.com/s/1_vsPC5NcHqXHzcrFD7DNCA#/ pass : ymth Because i found a video of better belial on bilibili and in the desc it said that the belial(ultraman_belial_b) is made by max(i'm using gd because i dont know how to upload on imgur or just put it here) https://drive.google.com/file/d/16rHeC-nTyhQTUFahlrkAjZfkRAVFxSHu/view?usp=drivesdk (The picture) and the file itself is about 70mb,unlike the recent one that just 59mb if someone can check it i will appreciate that thanks!
  11. Hai, you guys can call me J. Nice to meet you all. I'm here for collecting character but i'll try to post sometimes too. I hope we will be friends here.
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