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  1. here is Ultra Zoffy_A by Sans




    pass: 52xg




    can you upload ultra zoffy_a from baidu to alternative links like (mediafire, mega, google drive)



    this ultra zoffy is a different one thank you

    1. jalu_joestar


      I'm sorry but my baidu account is limited to download only file with 50mb or below size

  2. Remember that i said i was banned by mugenarchive? The main reason i mad about that is because MA is my main source for MKP char. And i've been waiting for erron black char by murcia miguel,but he only upload that to MA so far. So i don't know where else i should get that char once it's released. Let alone another character that might or not might be interesting me So...this not really a request,but more of rant...so...thanks 😄
  3. Ah i fall asleep while downloading,thanks for the link
  4. The video is not 200 likes yet Maybe it will take so long
  5. I've been banned from mugenarchive after doing guerrilla for years....dammit


    I guess at this rate they just ban people for shit and giggles. Like they never told you what happened and then ban not your account, but your IP. Because i still can access my account after changing my location by VPN.



  6. https://mega.nz/file/yJZinTQJ#qY0uTClo4Y2DZjzFdt_voQqqtFaSy6SeTCjrPUdONV0 Here you go
  7. Is kirbey's onedrive is down? Or he just move his character to his blog? Edit : nvm he move it to another onedrive, but maybe we should change his old char link to his blog link
  8. I dunno. Depend on your morality, i guess
  9. Try using anonymous browser(browser that make you "no one" on internet)
  10. Mega link : https://mega.nz/file/GQRESZba#QztuVmI7ppvtcxCQk_PbQtbzMx_7FCUE_mriPWWDxj0
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