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Sora v0.95


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Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories Sora

Made by Ryon

Version 0.95



Whilest helping my friend Ultraboard101 (and Larharl) work on there Kingdom Hearts full mugen game, I figured to help them along with the roster and make Sora. Believe it or not Sora is one of the harder characters to align in the SFF, His stance is so strange that you need to be experienced in aligning stuff to get it properly. I felt that I was in such a case to do so. So I decided to make Sora.


A - Keyblade

B - Magic

C - Special


A, A, A - Keyblade Combo

B - Fire

B, B - Ice

B, B, B - Thunder

C - Sonic Blade Hit 1

C, C - Sonic Blade Hit 2

C, C, C - Sonic Blade Hit 3

C, C, C, C - Sonic Blade Hit 4

Zantetsuken - Back, Forward, C


A - Launcher

B - Aero (Launcher)

C - Blitz Hit 1

C, C - Blitz Hit 2

C, C, C - Blitz Hit 3


A, A, A - Keyblade Combo

B - Cure

C - Absolutely NOTHING

Super Commands

Ars Arcanum - Down, Forward, A

Ragnarok - Down, Forward, B

Strike Raid - Down, Forward, C

Sliding Dash - Down, Back, A

Stop Raid - Down, Back, B

Stun Impact - Down, Back, C

Trinity Limit - A, A, Forward, B, C

Special Thanks

Ultraboard101 / Laharl

Alexei / SxVector

Mugen Free For All

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