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Making parry based off of high/medium/low instead of standing/crouching/aerial?

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Currently, I'm trying to implement a parry into a character that I am making. I used a couple of code snippets from MFG to base it off of and the implementation works. It uses a HitOverride state that takes attributes for standing attacks which I modified to include crouching attacks as well, but I would much rather be able to parry based off of an attack being high, medium, or low kind of like how it works in Street Fighter 3. Is there a way to do this with this method or am I going to have to look into doing it another way? I have put the states that I am using below.


Here are the states in my -2 Statedef

; Parry Code 
; Adapted from https://mugenguild.com/forum/index.php?topic=43756.msg264689;topicseen#msg264689
; and https://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/help-parry-kfm-110033.0.html
[State -2: Standing Parry]
type = HitOverride
trigger1 = StateType = S
trigger1 = ctrl = 1
trigger1 = command = "press_fwd" && command != "holdback" && command != "holddown" && command != "holdup" 
attr = SCA, AA, AP
slot = 0
stateno = 10000
time = 6
ignorehitpause = 1

[State -2: Crouching Parry]
type = HitOverride
trigger1 = StateType = C
trigger1 = ctrl = 1
trigger1 = command = "press_down" && command != "holdback" && command != "holdfwd" && command != "holdup" 
attr = CA, AA, AP
slot = 0
stateno = 10000
time = 6
ignorehitpause = 1



Here is the code for Statedef 10000

; Ground Parry
[Statedef 10000]
type = U
movetype = I
physics = U
anim = IfElse(StateType = S,10000,10001)
velset = 0,0
ctrl = 0
poweradd = 0
juggle = 0
facep2 = 1
hitdefpersist = 0
movehitpersist = 0
hitcountpersist = 0
sprpriority = 2

[State 10000, AssertSpecial]
type = AssertSpecial
trigger1 = 1
flag = NoWalk
[State 10000, CtrlSet]
type = CtrlSet
trigger1 = (Time > 4) && (StateType = S)
value = 1
[State 10000, NotHitBy]
type = NotHitBy
trigger1 = 1
value = SCA
[State 10000, Pause]
type = Pause
trigger1 = !Time
time = 8
movetime = 8

[State 10000: PlaySnd]
type = PlaySnd
trigger1 = !Time
value = S10000,0

[State 10000: ChangeState]
type = ChangeState
trigger1 = !AnimTime
ctrl = 1
value = IfElse(StateType = S,0,11)



I really want to have parrying be based off of hitflag types instead of strictly the state the enemy is in when they perform an attack. I have an uppercut on this character and having to exclusively do a low parry for that feels odd when it hits as a medium. I took a look at the trigger reference for GetHitVar and I'm wondering if that could come in handy here somehow. I tried throwing it on the trigger1 in the -2 states but it just made it so the parry doesn't work at all so I took it off. I'm wondering if anyone else has any input on this? Thanks to anyone who takes a look!

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27 minutes ago, PlasmoidThunder said:

There is no known way to read hitflags. You'd have to hardcode those specific instances in, which is impractical outside of a fullgame.

That is unfortunate. I actually tried booting up GM's SF3 Ryu to try and see if I could low parry a medium attack to see how it would be done that way but it doesn't work. I am making a full game but I don't think that would be worth my time to go through and make an exception for every single instance with every single character. It might feel a little weird to play having to parry uppercuts with a low parry but I think I can work with it.

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