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Sakuya Izayoi -My edit


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To be more specific, the following changes were made:

  • The first victory quotes against Hong Meiling and Lie Meiling were replaced:
    • "Don't slack off. Unlike me, you have limited time." -> "Meling. Stop slacking off! Don't Make Me Kill You."
    • "Goodbye, Meiling..." -> "Im sorry Meiling. I could not save you."
  • Spell Cards and Last Words were made easier to activate:
    • Spell Cards are now activated with only a single QCF or QCB, which overrides her QCF and QCB Specials when she has 1000+ Power, killing her stage control game.
    • Last Words are now activated with DD instead of QCFx2 or QCBx2, though since the negative edge inputs haven't been changed, you can still activate them with the old motions that way.

The bit about killing her stage control game is important since it's an integral part of the character's gameplay. Not being able to throw out knives when she has 1000+ Power without first wasting that Power cripples her.

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