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RoboCop Series

The Auditor

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List of Characters (Digitized):

RoboCop, R2 Prototype A, NeuroBrain, ED-209, Bone Machine, Ironsuit, RoboCable, Automat and Otomo (all by Ryou Win)









List of Old School Characters:

16-Bit RoboCop (by Ryou Win/Brergrsart (Robert Cop) )

16-Bit RoboCain (by Ryou Win)

16-Bit Ironsuit (by Ryou Win)

16-Bit ED-209 (by Ryou Win)

Arcade RoboCop (by Leonardo)

NES RoboCop (by Alexander Williams)










List of Stages:

Downtown Detroit (by Leonardo/Dorgol)

OCP Office (by MatreroG)

3DR Street/Lexington Avenue (by Ryou Win)

Skynet's Base (RoboCop vs The Terminator) (by Jewel men10)

RoboCop Street (by Alexander Williams)





RoboCop, The Clash of Robo Titans Screenpack (by Ryou Win)





Arcade RoboCop Sprite Rips: Spriters Resource

NES RoboCop Sprite Rips: RoboCop 1 (NES), RoboCop 2 (NES) and RoboCop 3 (NES)

SNES RoboCop Sprite Rips: RoboCop 3 (SNES)

Genesis RoboCop Sprite Rips: RoboCop 3 (Genesis)

Master System RoboCop Sprite Rips: RoboCop 3 (MS)

RoboCop vs The Terminator Sprite Rips: Spriters Resource



Note: Yet another collection made by yours truly...this time it's about our favorite robotic police guy RoboCop, once again I apologize for the big sprites, nothing I can really do here. I'm sure there are things I missed so far, but I mainly focused on the HD ones for now, if it's possible I would add older versions of RoboCop, ED-209 and Ironsuit in this collection but for now...This is all I can work with. Should I have just waited until RoboCop's Anniversary? probably. As always Criticism is welcomed.

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Here to provide assistance with completing the missing pieces of the collection:


- Old versions of Ryou Win's RoboCop, RoboCain, Iron Suit and ED-209




- RoboCop by Leonardo




Also, may i suggest having two separate sections for the digitized / "HD" characters and ones that use sprites from the old school games?

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26 minutes ago, TheWhiteDevil27 said:

And all of those links are down sadly. 😞

Thank you for reminding me, the four Old School RoboCop characters (16-Bit RoboCop, 16-Bit RoboCain, 16-Bit Ironsuit and 16-Bit ED-209) are marked offline


Also the mirror link for Leonardo's Arcade RoboCop is removed, however the original link is still intact

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