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She-Hulk by Many Authors; MvC Edit by Kenshiro99; NEW EDIT/UPDATE by Mammalman & Me


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Special Thanks and credits to Cravd, Arkady, Mistah Jorge, Shining and Volzzilla for the original version of She-Hulk.



My fella Kenshiro99 did a time ago, with the comission by Gatorison, a MvC/Vs. Style edit of She-Hulk, originally created by many authors like Cravd and Arkady.
Now Mammalman did a new edit, some new features like the Super Armor for her and AI Patch. I did some fixes/updates on She-Hulk aswell.




(v1.15) - gui0007 minor fix
- Fixed the super armor again, because won't work properly against some characters before
- Fixed "She-Hulk SMASH!" intro
- Added new palettes by AllanHoult and Tony Spector
- Added more quotes
- Scale fixed
- Life reduced a little bit
- Attack and defence now accurate for She-Hulk
- Now She-Hulk have 5 Power bars (Power = 5000) to be accurate to MvC3
- Both A.I (Normal and Hard) tweaked

- Fixed armor problem (Now accepts crouch attacks and no get hit in waking up from lying down.)
- Raised hyper combo damage

- Raised max life to 1200 from 1000.
- Added super armor.
- Re-inmplemented Gamma Charge (horizonal direction only.)
- Removed misplaced fog effects of the beginning of run, backstep and Runner's Start.
- Speeded up weak/middle Heavy Strike to start more faster.
- Slowed down entire normal moves.
- Revised damage balance.
- And other moinor changes.



Super Jump: D, U or 3 Kicks [Only "U" after you hit a launcher]
Dash/Hop Backward/Air Dash: FF/BB
Advancing Guard: 2 PUNCHES in Guard
Wall Jump: close to wall, press F

Overhead punch: F+strong punch

Heavy Strike: D, DF, F + punch
Gamma Charge: D, DF, F + kick
Somersault Kick: F, D, DF + kick
Runner's Start: D, D + kick ( hold kick to full charge )( can use after Overhead punch, Crounching strong kick and Runner Somersaut kick pressing F or B )

Runner Start Finishers:
Emergency Stop: light punch
Torpedo: medium punch
Clothesline: strong punch
Catapult: light kick
Drop Kick: medium punch
Somersault Kick: strong kick

During Catapult move:
Shooting Star: any punch button
Emergency Landing: light kick
Flying Drop Kick: medium punch
Diving Senton: strong kick

Emerald Cannon: D, DF, F 2 Punches ( repeat the command to Emerald Impulse and Emerald Disaster )
Taking out the Trash: F, D, DF 2 Punches
Road Rage: D, DB, B 2 punch ( LV3 hyper )


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