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Jotaro by Warusaki3 & Mr. Giang; Edited by many (including me)


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JOTARO KUJO by Warusaki3 & Mr. Giang
Edits / Fixes by Naza15 & Iver Stone
New Sound Patch by Juki2002
New Edits by Gui Santos (me) & Kiritoonline


This is definitely an edit that i always wanted to do and i'm glad that i have some good help on this one.
Click in the Spoiler below to see all the details.


Mr. Giang, for the dope work!
The beloved and crazy JoJo Community! :3
The great people around here on MFFA and other groups/forum

Warusaki3, for the original version
Naza15 & Iver Stone, for the nice job on the first fixes and to still doing some good JoJo MUGEN stuff
Kiritoonline, for the new palettes and the new Color Separation work
Juki2002, for the new and great voice patch for Jotaro and Star Platinum
Hirohiko Araki, for creating and still going with one of the greatest manga/anime of all!
Capcom, for one of my favorite fighting game, Heritage for the Future




Mr. Giang did an awesome work on Warusaki3's Jotaro, but i and these other dudes believe that was not enough for the most badass JoJo.


So Naza15 and Iver Stone did some minor fixes on him, also making palettes based on his Anime (Stardust Crusaders and Diamond Is Unbreakable), Stardust's OVA and Stone Ocean appearances.


Now me and Kiritoonline did a new edit/revamp on him, fixing some errors in the sprites, adding new palettes made by Kirito and rearranged the Color Separation of these and the other palettes made by Naza and Iver. So now Jotaro have a good amount of palettes.


I rework his A.I for being tough, just like Jotaro is (but not cheap :P) and fixing these minor issues.
- Jotaro sometimes did Star Finger in the air when he attacks in air. (FIXED!)
- Jotaro gets buggy after doing the Stylish Cancel often (FIXED!)
- Guard Cancel doesn't work properly (FIXED!)
- The World (ZA WARUDO!) sometimes doesn't inflict the proper damage on the opponent (FIXED!)


Also i add the Juki2002's great voice patch (.snd) for Jotaro and Star Platinum, with high quality sounds from the All Star Battle game. Hope you all enjoy. ORA ORA ORA!



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