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B-kun's Freezing Combo: CF2 Ice released, Blizzard updated


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What a better way to announce this double release that with this screenshot that spoils/resumes all :P



1. Ice

Bad Mr. Frosty's evil clone and rival from C2: Judgment Clay comes now to MUGEN not just being faithful to the source game (being his moveset a mixture of Frosty and Ice), as Blue Suede goo he received the 63 1/3 treatment and now he's a beast to play, in his comeback to finally slay Frosty once for all!! As BSG, he has throws, supers, claytalities (compatible with squished/7689 and frozen/7698 (in the main screenshot)) and the combo system (Insane Combos included), all new stuff compared with the source but maintain him related to ClayFighter series. Oh, and it's compatible with MUGEN1.0+ (ice-m1.def). You can find him in Adaptations section in Chars 😉







2. Blizzard

To know how to make a good frozen claytality on Ice, I'd to see back to Blizzard... and I found various unfinished stuff I never fixed on him, until now. For those who doesn't know him (he was released 10 years ago, you know), he's a martial artist with ice powers who's related to my shadow character XXX (his younger brother, before he was absorved by shadows), he's very dynamic and full of specials you probably like. Oh, and it's compatible with MUGEN1.0+ (blizzard-m1.def). You can find him in Originals section in Chars 😉

For those who knows him, these are the new features:

  • Changed frozen compatibility from 7990 to 7698, now he's compatible with actual chars
  • Revisited all damage on him, since normal hits to supers, especially Blizzard Ray (made almost 300 to be a level 1 super, that's too much)
  • New sprite for state 7698 added (as seen in the main screenshot)
  • A bug since the first release fixed: now standing weak kick can chain into strong kick
  • Deleted button c for KO Hit and Sub-Zero, it was unnecessary, now only y+b works

Screenshots (old):





Here in the southern part, the autumn/fall is here and the low temperatures are starting to feel (but not too much really), so I made it coincide in a way with this double release. I hope you enjoy them both 😉



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