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Zero - Gemini0 Edit (Original by Ariel AleX Co. & RedLine)


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It's been a good while, hasn't it?

Around... Two years or so? Anyway, I'm back... kinda. New palettes, a few attacks were updated, some other stuff. The new select screen big portrait was drawn by Metalwario64.

Here's the download link. (UPDATE 4)


Zero's Palettes


Some palettes have special properties, like different voice clips, intros, and victory animations. However, two actually impact gameplay!

  1. Zero: The usual. Nothing special here.
  2. Bass / Forte: Has a special victory animation.
  3. Axl: Nothing special.
  4. MMZ Zero: Nothing special.
  5. Vile / VAVA: Nothing special.
  6. X: Nothing special.
  7. Black Armor: Twice the attack, half the defense. A glass cannon.
  8. Nightmare Zero: Has a special intro.
  9. Omega Zero: Has a special intro and victory animation, as well as changed voice clips and projectile sprites. Includes white twitchy aura. Zero's winquote reacts to this.
  10. Fake Zero (X2): Nothing special.
  11. Black & White: Nothing special.
  12. Absolute Zero: Infinite special meter, afterimages, and doubled projectiles. Also has white twitchy aura, because why not?

UPDATE 1: I forgot to add MASA's Simon to the Winquote thing properly. This is fixed now. The download link has been updated.

UPDATE 2: Link fixed and the third slash of the second mode's first combo fixed. Now the first combo deals 5 hits, just like the rest of them. (In some tests, even more hits. Why? I dunno.)

UPDATE 3: Took me a while to get around to uploading this one. Found a couple sprites that were still messed up, and fixed them!

UPDATE 4: Finally. Update 4. Not... actually that much has changed, except for a few aesthetic changes (portraits), mostly new palettes, and... I can't think of much else. Also, completely rewrote the post above.

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I'm going to be posting an update to this... maybe soon-ish? I've removed a few things, and am reworking a couple of others. I've also begun working on an X to go with this, but he won't be finished any time soon. I need to re-do a few palettes.


EDIT: Updated. Hope you all enjoy this.

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