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B-kun is back!! Envy Adams released, Scott Pilgrim updated


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B-kun is back!! Envy Adams released, Scott pilgrim updated

After leaving the forum since December, finally I can say I come back to MUGEN, not just posting here, also making characters... so before September ends (Green Day, I summon you!!), I got you this double release for the ones you've missed this:

1. Envy Adams (& Lynette Guycott) released
Scott's Evil Ex now catwalks for MUGEN ready to kick asses. Apart of her, she got the aid of Lynette, who's integral part of her moveset instead just being a simple striker, having her own special and super moves. And about strikers, Todd Ingram and Gideon Graves appears too as normal strikers as well :P I could talk more about Envy, but I prefer you discover her with this new release




PS: Sorry, I couldn't make her 1.0+ compatible (winquotes, data, etc), but that will be made soon, probably in the next update, so don't worry :goodmood: (it's playable in 1.0+ anyway)


2. Scott Pilgrim updated
Here there's not much to say that I finally added various of the sprites ripped by Maverick PK, so now Scott feels (or at least seems) more complete. Some of the features added:
-Dizzy and Lose anims are added
-After all of these years, finally the Megaman winpose is on 
-A new pose where Scott thumbs up is added as a winpose and a second taunt :goodjob:
-You want a fair fight? You got it: now separate CMDs without strikers were made, choose "scott-nost.cmd" or scott-nost-m1.cmd" in the DEF and voilá!
-And of course, an intro against Envy that references the movie (AND HOW!!)
Probably soon I'll see if I add or modify moves of him... but not now for the moment... also, no screenshots here =P


So, enjoy these releases :fuckyea: oh, did I tell you I come back to MUGEN??:lol1:


Chars -> Adaptations

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Added a video with Scott and Envy's gameplay. Thanks Gui007 for making it :twothumbsup: Any feedback is welcome, also I'm preparing a new SPvTW character, expect for news soon in my WIP thread!!


On 1/10/2017 at 8:15 PM, AstroInkling45 said:

Wooooooo! Welcome back, dude!

Thanks man!!

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