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Hyperdimension Neptunia Characters in Mugen


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I've always wondered why no one has thought of creating Mugen characters from the "Hyperdimension Neptunia" Series. I've seen sprites and there is stages for it, and anything else in between. I'm not much of a Mugen creator but it would be cool to have them. If anyone agrees with this then the feedback will be appreciated. Below, By Cundodeviant



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Well i wouldn´t say nobody cuz there is already a Historie and a Dogoo made with the 3D models by Dark Ruler.

When comes to sprites? Nobody have tried because

1- They are very niche

2- DThe character have a LOT of details specialy the HDD modes and their weapons.


Tho that doesn´t make it impossible but hard and time consuming.

I think you would get better results trying to use the in-game models at GMOD or SFM and sprite over them like:

base_01_by_excahm-dbee8fw.png whiteahsha3x2_by_excahm-dbee8av.png 

Took me around 8 hours (Not focused tho) to convert just the body and head while i haven´t finished the detailed wings and super detailed axe.

So yeah, to make it easy you could try making the sprites using a 3D model on a Low Res sprite style like CVS or something similar instead of HD or that style that Cundodeviant use (Too many colors, messy pallete and blurry edges)



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Dang man, the struggle is real ... 

Not to keen in sprite making though, I can only do so little things.

I just wanted someone to hear me out  in which we can make it possible, and I'm not just calling out creators to go up and make them  like that. It's there choice and that is ok by me. Thanks for hearing me out, and to others who do the same. 

(One idea could be that you could make them "Jump Ultimate Stars style", just an idea though) 

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Well the first sprite with her holding that sword could work out well if the person decides to draw and finnish up the rest of them. JUS could work too i guess but it would take a lot of drawing unless they have a game in that style that can be ripped from you'll have to draw them or make them using existing JUS sprites as a base.

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