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CF3 Arubim (1.0) RELEASED (Jan 10, 2012)


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Well.. I had finally, well finished Arubim. He was annoying to do because of his grabs http://mugenfreeforall.com/public/style_emoticons//sleep.png (Stupid targetbind). Well, anyways, I tried to implicate a lot of things from the source. I did tweaked some things a bit for him. After this release, I will AI patch him after (actually making the AI) when I'm not tired XD

Posted Image

If you haven't seen or know who he is:

Here is the preview video!


Basically he has the same mechanics as my previous characters, but he can combo grabs in air as in the actual source game (but a bit more because I'm going to code his AI to make him hard o-o). Well.. I'll also release an arcade video of him when I have the chance.

The commands are in the readme. He basically have the same moveset structure as my previous characters (Since CF3 mostly have the same commands for most or not all of the characters).

Here is the release and I hope you enjoy it !!



Also, to give feedback and I will update frequently!


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man the way your going were gonna have to start a collection with these guys , that what , with your 3 youve relesed , thats 5 chars from CF , i think 2 from 119way and the 3 youve relased , yup thats collection worthy right there , nice man keep em coming , love the pace your going at

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Also of note is that Buckus is about to release his Zumbi from the same game

I know that, but he is using mestre zumbi's sprites =P

I'm only doing the CF3 characters that are not available yet.. BUT I DO PLAN TO MAKE ALL OF THEM.

And Lol Tohno

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