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MvCS Universe *DEMO*


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Hello you may have been aware of my previous codename title (Street Fighter Perfect). A fast paced extremely frantic fighting game created by me. Well that title is dead* I present to you MvCS Universe or - Marvel vs Capcom vs Snk. I know who wants to say all that at one time. I have tweaked this game to death. Look at each and every opinion whether it was given in good context or not. I have been so happy and grateful of the streams, reviews, videos and even the (EXPOSED) aspect this game has brought. Mostly positive some negative, but in each I searched for what I could take from what was said and made it better. This game has not lost its roots, most that played and hated the original may not be swayed so much to put it in their hearts and gaming library. But I have worked hard to maintain, change, and fix the things that was so needed. Any one willing to take the time out to help in any way. Showing me loops, making videos of infinite's, showing me insane damage outputs would be grateful. Videos, telling a friend, posting it anyway. You all have my infinite gratitude. I thought so much about giving up this project as it is so large. But I have come so far and that is just not happening. Guys, mugeners, I need you.. To download find discover and play. This is no longer in beta form. I know problems still exist as I am just one guy that can easily overlook something here or there. 

Thank you to all the creators, spriters, testers, opinions and most importantly the fans that keep me going man. 

THIS IS MvCS Universe 

Universus- Thats bad? 

I wont do a character by character breakdown as its just to much stuff

Phantom step reduced to two untill cool down
No more rolling out of attacks
New parry system 
Superpause during specials
Slowed down animations all around
Gamespeed slowed down
Hits now range for 10, 15, 7, ticks of pause
Game runs on default speed
Game runs at 60fps
Palfx now applied 
Corner Escape reduced- Character now speaks during escapes
New graphics/updates on all fronts
A.I. easier/Not as parry heavy
Can now attack out of phantom step air. 
Can whiff out of parries
Can no longer power drop out of most air specials 
Envshake added
Grabbing twice no longer available (35 juggle points) 
Nuclear punch twice no longer available (35 juggle points) 
Parry now grants the user more special gauge. 
Overall game damage still needs to find sweet spot. 
Also their are specials/supers amongst most characters please be sure to try training to find special moves.

*Tips* When fighting the Ai be patient. Also this game features a very quick parry with no pause time. So you may be getting parried if you see your opponent spark out of attack. This effect is now much more apparent. 

There are four characters in this game that are deadly hard atm. 
Dont feel bad if you get wrecked.

Love and creativeness always. Thanks to everyone.

Its highly important to receive feedback esp. from you guys it makes working on it and continuing to perfect it easier and easier. 
Thank you again. Ace




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One question, do you even beta test or have beta testers to notify you for any bugs and errors? Because all of the characters are filled with issues and infinites up the Mugen derrière! All specials and hypers can be freely cancel'd out, and because of this, this can lead to issues for P2 if stuck in a targetbind, such as Akuma's SGS. Also, most stages lack music for some reason.



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All those are easy fixes I will get right to it thanks! Well when I get off work... Most stages lacking music that shouldnt be the case. But I will look into it also

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No i dont have any beta testers really I try my best to find stuff. Please if you can show me the infinite with each character and I will fix it. 



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All issues have been fixed. Geese was hardddddddddd to replicate (but eventually found and fixed).  Ryu had a missed line of fall = 1 and airfall Akuma had irregular coding on his break-in Dudley lost his rose. and etc Thank you so much for helping. 

added 3 minutes later

Also all stages had music. SO unsure what happen there 

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