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Fightin' Spirit


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Click the author names below the images to download! Red text means a character is offline.





Burke MortlockDaraku || Eric WindsorDaraku || Jenshi YamamotoCesarsombra || Kento SazakiDaraku || Lorents O. DonnelCesarsombra || Rhajang: Cesarsombra || Shiro AsukaDxwho || Sheila NashBananaSkyGamingOP



ShuzarCesarsombra || Tong Lee: Cesarsombra || Yadon: Deathlazer || Yuri Hishimoto: Cesarsombra



Masa00341 / Itsame / Dictator: Tong's Stage

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- Yadon by Deathlazer

- The rest of the Fightin' Spirits roster by Cesarsombra: (be mindful that these are not so much "conversions" as they are sprite-swaps of existing characters)

  • Jenshi Yamamoto
  • Lorents O'Donnel
  • Rhajang
  • Shuzar
  • Tong Lee
  • Yuri Hishimoto

Note: I'm aware of BananaSkyGamingOP's 90mb monstrosity of Sheila Nash, but as I'm unable to locate her on any other place besides MA, she'll have to be listed as offline for now.

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