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Brutal: Paws of Fury


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Click the author names below the images to download! Red text means a character is offline.

Note: Dr M's characters were already patched with the full game common.cns to make them work in regular MUGEN engine.


dQyOWvk.gif    waLtNXb.gif     S9uxVY7.gif     9VZrApC.gif     c0zKado.gif    SGfOTZy.gif

Kung Fu BunnyDr M  - GohanSSM2 edit / Unknown Author || Tai CheetahDr M - GohanSSM2 edit || Kendo CoyoteDr M - GohanSSM2 edit || Karate CrocDr M 


 Dali Llama Dr M - GohanSSM2 edit || Foxy RoxyDr M - GohanSSM2 edit / Xinos


LVRNFCA.gif    Je7U68U.gif    mJ6tKDV.gif     5WmWzvo.gif   QB9UnUS.gif     11Mdgea.gif

Ivan the BearDr M - GohanSSM2 edit || Psycho KittyDr M || Prince LeonDr M - GohanSSM2 edit || Rhei RatDr M - GohanSSM2 edit || Chung PoeDr M || PanthaDr M



SNES and Genesis Stages by Cenobite53 || Stage Pack by Dr M ||  Paradise Island by Kurai Naito || The Waterfall by Hikaryo || The Idol by Hikaryo 



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