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Unlaughmaker Updated 11/26/2015

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Unlaughmaker: http://www.mediafire.com/download/69dd4j7d53acysd/Unlaughmaker%282%29.rar
Just something festive with today being Halloween and all. Unfortunately i wasnt able to fully 100% complete him in the time span that i wanted but im putting him out today because it would lose the festive quality of it after today so here ya go. If you can provide feedback it'll be very much appreciated, Thanks.

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Sorry for the long wait. Busy with life crap.

-He may not be capable of doing his foward dash(needs more verification)

-Added 666 Kill Chop Deluxe
-Added Lazy flipkicks
-Added Drill Teleport
-Counter now hits air opponets
-Added Survival Arts styled decapitation
-Low Kick is no longer a infintive
-His foward dash isnt as floaty as before and cant be abused into infintives
-The first hit of the Slash attack can no longer be chained

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