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How to Download from Japanese/Chinese File Sharing Sites


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Because a lot of people still have difficulties downloading from these sites...so here you go. Any sites that i missed? Just tell me.


UPLOADER.JP (http://uploader.jp/)




AXFC.NET (http://www1.axfc.net/uploader/)





FIRESTORAGE.JP (http://firestorage.jp/)



BAIDU UPLOADER (http://pan.baidu.com/)



I hope that helps.


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Sadly BAIDU now requires a phone and QR scanning (supossedly) and the phone can only be authentic and China only.
So which means foreign people are banned from downloading from it.

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I had been interested in downloading characters from the author "nankotsu_curry". Searching the web I found what seemed to be his/her official site or his/her blog. I thought I could find download links for the characters, but the blog content seems to be more geared to disscuss MUGEN development things. I just had the idea to looking for "ダウンロード" (download in japanese) in order to find some possible download links in some entries but not... If by chance on past time there were download links, now all of them were removed... Well, this is my only guess.

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