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The King Of Fighters XIV

ShiniGami NoMeresu

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19 hours ago, gui0007 said:

Kim's wife is HOT!! :ReallyTruly:


19 hours ago, Galvatron said:

Woah! O_O

that Kim's Wife!!!!

Man no wonder he has alot of children. :-)


15 hours ago, Infinite Kyo said:

bruh if my wife was that hot id smash as much as i could but thats not the point here she looks fucking beast lmao

Em...guys, actually that is not Kim's wife...that was his master wife. Kim's wife was Myeng Swuk. Both Kim's master and his master wife are his team member in this game.

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3 hours ago, Dragon Sam said:

Em...guys, actually that is not Kim's wife...that was his master wife. Kim's wife was Myeng Swuk. Both Kim's master and his master wife are his team member in this game.

Oh...... well thats something, thanks for correcting that info. :-P


..........doe she still a hot chick and its cool to see Kim's sensei in this KoF. :goodmood:

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On 3/25/2016 at 4:04 AM, Galvatron said:

doe she still a hot chick and its cool to see Kim's sensei in this KoF. :goodmood:

Now that is the question. Either she was indeed a young hot girl, or she was old but maintain her youth (kinda like Kazumi in Tekken 7 and Tsunade from Naruto). But her husband a.k.a Kim's master was an old man already. You guys can see his master face on Kim's team.


Okay, so I do some digging about KOFXIV, found some interesting stuff. This is not confirm, also a leak, but it kinda sound legit :-

- The storyline for this KOF is indeed a new saga, not Maximum Impact saga.

- Mid Boss, who look like a Duke, is not Duke. He was a new character name Antonov and he was the one who sponsor the tournament this time.

- Final Boss, is a non-human being who has the ability to move through time, space and dimensions, and pull out fighters from wherever he wants (sound cheap already, typical SNK boss syndrome XD).

- The new boxer character that has been revealed in the latest trailer, Nelson from South America team, he was a cyborg. Another guy on his team are ninja.

- King of Dinasour is said to be the new persona for Tizoc. His moveset will be a combination of new moves + Tizoc moves. Which is why he was treat as a new character.

- Everytime KOF enter the new saga, SNK always introduce a new protagonist, and YES, this KOFXIV has a new hero. The new hero this time is from China team. As you guys can see, there is a two new character in China team, one is a young man who look like his wearing a headphone or something, and another one is a child. The young man, is a man who is raised by Tung Fu Rue, and it is state that he possessed the devil's power. Either two of them are the new hero (I have a feeling the youth one is the hero. I don't think they will make a child as a hero, but we'll see).


Again guys, this is not officially confirm, this is just another leak. So we will have to wait if it true or not.

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2 hours ago, Infinite Kyo said:

well shit the final boss sounds bullshit op lol

Like Sam said its pretty typical that SNK will have final bosses like that.... :-P

Hell could be worst if the leaked info is true about this guy: "ability to move through time, space and dimensions"..???  Man! I'll rather battle Thanos (from Marvel) then this new boss on this KOF. :noway:

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On 3/26/2016 at 2:41 AM, DuckMannnn said:


At least Kula still looks hot though ayyy

LOL! well to me Athena looks pretty good. The SNK team pretty much gave back her original look. (Almost how she looked in  KOF:MI)

but you never know they might give all characters  Alt. outfits in this game. :goodmood:

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1 minute ago, Dragon Sam said:

Ryo always look epic! And this new trailer also showcase an improve graphic. Plus, I like they make Geese new appearance similar to his Nightmare version. KOFXIV Geese is basically the canon version of Nightmare Geese XD

yeah they even added purple repukens lmao his stage looks awesome too 

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On 3/31/2016 at 5:04 AM, Galvatron said:

Man! thats awesome! their. :-D

Not even master Tung fu couldn't breaks his counters.

What I like about that is, all of the cast of Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting can't even hurt Geese, not even Terry...but then Ryo came like a boss and fight Geese equally :OhYeah:


12 hours ago, GreenZed said:

Roster so far (minus boses):



Exactly like the leak I post before - South America team has a ninja as their member and Tung Fu Rue team has a member who possessed demon power (that demon boy, he's likely the new protagonist for this arc)


And about that Nakoruru and her teammates, I think I get it now. The Alternate World team is possibly just a bonus character for us. Nakoruru is from Samurai Shodown franchise, which the event takes place in 18th century of Japan. Love Heart is a sky pirate from the Sky Love franchise, a story take place a long time ago where the world was lived in the sky and lastly, Mui Mui is a martial artist in Dragon Gal franchise, and the story take place in an ancient China. So, putting this all together, clearly the three of them are out of the place in KOF modern timeline, hence why their team is call Alternate/Another World team. Either their appearance in this game are non-canon, or maybe someone pull out 3 of them out of time into this era, possibly the final boss doing it because that is the description of his ability XD.

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