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Touhou: Gensokyo Reloaded (04/09/22: Game Update to Version


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After almost 2 years, the team is finally pleased the announce the long-await release of Gensokyo Reloaded version 3.0.0!




Complete with various system tweaks, character rebalancing, complete UI overhaul, and a new playable character!





Full Changelist: https://plasmoidthunder.neocities.org/thgr/patch_3.0.3.html


Link: https://1drv.ms/f/s!ApLvCUDLkbLnkXnS3xZ5rXRS4UN1


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Hi My name is traweezie I'm new here. So with THRP I wanted to make game with characters that had a similar control layout which is way sanae isn't updated. Atm the tier list is still a WIP. We need people that can play some of the under played characters to understand some of the mus(I'm trying to learn all of the character as well). We also have a skype group so feel free to drop by

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So far the only character that isnt mine thats been added is Darkflare's Meimu.

The only other character I can realistically see being added to the roster is Marisa, but only because Im currently working on her so its natural she'll be added

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If I ever make Youmu, that is. Or if someone ever decides to make her in my current style if I don't get to her first.

Also after further discussion in the group and after playtesting with Hina a bit more we decided to make the following changes:



cV3O8D9.png: D -> B


jXcrR3V.png: A -> B

NOWF79S.png: A -> B


At this point the S tier is more or less finalized, we're mostly looking at the B and C tiers right now

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  • 2 months later...

Considering the recent update removed many of the older characters, the list has been changed to reflect this. Haven't added Marisa yet until I get more input from those who know her matchups a bit better, but I'm predicting her to be at least A based on what I've seen so far.

Also, the nerfs to Reimu in her latest update aren't going to applied to the update for a while or so I was told.


EDIT: Added Marisa to the A tier

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  • 2 weeks later...

Traweezie updated the game:


Includes all updates aside from yesterday's Reimu update, which was done immediately after he uploaded this.

He also included an old Beta version of Mima from 2013 that I was working on around the same time as Lie Meiling but never publicly released it. For the time being I guess you can say she's exclusive to the game, as I don't really have any plans on publicly releasing her, at least not without giving her another overhaul to include gameplay stuff that's been added over the past 2 years.

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Its actually down then across. (ie: Sakuya has 0 wins & 4 losses against Reimu). Those are then used to calculate the win ratios in the above table, which are then summed together for the character. Given the current 14 character roster, a character who has even match ups with everyone (ie: 50/50 win scenarios) should ideally have a score of 6.5. As you can see, alot of matchup data is still missing, so nobody is anywhere near that high. That number will change to 7 once Flandre gets added back in. The only reason Reimu didn't move down based on that was because the version of her hasn't been updated yet, and due to the lack of data on her, plus it was universally agreed upon by everyone in the Skype chat that pre-update Reimu is currently still top tier, so it would make absolutely no sense to move her down next to Meimu.


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Did some more data collecting, now have about 129 matches recorded. However, I noticed that some 1-match results were drastically affecting the tier list, so as a result, and matchups that have less than 10 matches have had their values scaled;


Again, with Reimu being locked in the #1 slot until further notice;

img#3 -> #4
h0vU48r.png#6 -> #7
jFvZDOD.png#7 -> #6
NOWF79S.png#8 -> #9
jXcrR3V.png#9 -> #8
08pMNiA.png#11 -> #12
iCJcBuV.png#13 -> #11

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