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Collection Thread Rules


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Since many of you have posted collections incorrectly and it was never set in stone you must do it this way im going to explain to you all how Your collections MUST BE:

  1. Content in this section is for Mugen content only. Videos and character themes should go in their own thread in the appropriate section, not here.
  2. Follow these format for a stage collection: Format for sorted-by-game collections // Format for Specific Author's collection. Note: This rule is not retroactive. Old threads made before this rule implemented, are not affected.
  3. Do not half ass your collections. If you know there are more stages out there unless you cannot find them yourself do not post it unless you are going to keep up with them. Meaning if you yourself posts a collection you MUST keep up to date with them. (this does not count for the stuff Ryon posted as if you are not staff you cannot update those threads any longer).
  4. If an author releases something recently and their site is easy to navigate DO NOT WAREHOUSE the download just link to the authors page. cause chances are they will be updating it again and it saves you time having to download it over and over again to update your link.


Follow all of these rules and everything will be fine if you were sent to this thread it means you did not follow the rules and I or someone else sent you here to fix your collection.

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When was the last time someone used esnips? The domain name(and likely owners) changed a long time ago. I haven't seen a new esnips link posted in the last 3+ years.

More on topic, I suggest removing my collection of Anti-11's stuff. I have no interest in keeping it up to date. I haven't even downloaded that file(if it were simply a txt file I would've read it directly on MF), so I doubt it complies with the standard anyway.

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The rules are copied from character collection section, which made like 3 years ago, and actually applies to character collection threads. These rules are to be updated/changed.


So, i don't think your topic should be removed. It's good enough for a stage collection standard (screenshot/videos + dl links).


EDIT: Rule updated. Anyone fine with this? Gimme thoughts.

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