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World Heroes 2 Jet LifeBars for 1.1 & 1.0


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Click spoiler to see picture


How to use my life bars video demonstration :)

These World Heroes 2 Jets sprite were rip from
The Nebula 2.25b Emulator and the sound were rip from mame emulator game sources

All sprite are accurate base of the main game source
Rip By OldGamer

Special Thanks to Special Thanks to Ollusionista for providing me with M1fx and BridgeM1

What these folder contains ?
1. Full Sprite Open Resources
2. The Sprite for 320p is for low res 320x240 setting
3. The Sprite for 480p is for low res 640x480 setting
4. The Sprite for 720p is for low res 1280x720 setting
5. WAV sounds for the life bars

These separated sprites folder are for anyone to use them as part of this Ultimate Release. This Open Resource folder contains everything. If you know how to code and make mugen life bars this for you as well. But anyone can do what they want with them
:) there no need to ask me for my permission

What does the Life Bars contains ?
1. The Life bars come with 240p, 480p and 720p
2. The Life bars can do mugen 1.0 & 1.1

What those the life bars missing ?
1.Its never had any name fonts or combo system and there for the lifebars.
2.This Life bars is base off the main source game :)

Download Location

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