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[Custom] Pokemon Lifebars


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These are an edit from BasaraKun's MegaMan Lifebars (Credits go to him) and my first time ever experimenting with lifebars. They're nothing fancy, just something fun to do. I wanted to base them off of "Pokemon Puzzle Challenge" as much as I could (even tho they don't look anything like it), so here's the out come (Grant it, they need more work):


*Future Plans*

-Find FX based on Pokemon to change the FightFx

-Fix any problems that might come




Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/85uml293pdpbqr1/PPC.rar





Custom POKEMON PUZZLE CHALLENGE LIFEBARS V1.0 (Edit of BasaraKun's MegaMan Lifebars)
      by Ky
In the "PPC" folder, you'll find these files:
1. Unzip "PPC" in the folder labeled "data" in your MUGEN
2. In the "system.def", change "fight=fight.def" to "fight=PPC\fight.def"
3. Fire up your MUGEN and that's all!!
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Based on that screenshot, you might need to change the text color (and prob font) again. I almost thought it had no name font, till just now (I blame the sky on the stage).

Sorry about that.


If all else fails, I'd probably just put the names on the lifebars since some stages might have colors that cause the names to blend in with the background.

Thanks for the advice!




Special Thanks to A person for the advice and Zemilla on changing the colors of the font. I went back to the original color. I don't recommend using Simul Mode til I make the names be on the lifebars.




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