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Leonardo (TMNT)


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copied from notepad.


         [ Basic Moves ]
A B - Kicks
X Y - Punchs
C Z - Not Used

        [ Special Moves ]
Blade Cutter - D, F, Punch

Blade Slash - F, D, F, Punch

Turtle Tornado - D, F, Kick

Turtle Punch - Punch, Punch

        [ Super Moves ]
1 Guage
Super Blade Cutter - D, F, D, F, Punch

Super Turtle Tornado - D, F, D, F, Kick

Super Turtle Punch - D, B, D, B, Punch

Leonardo has A.I. with 2 combo sets. However It behaves funny in mugen 1.1.
When I can code A.I. better I'll fix it up for 1.1.

Leo also has damage dampeners due to his ninja like ways of being able to hit you fast. After 20 hits he will do 0.20% of normal damage, It looks like alot but it makes sense when you see it in game.

        [ Special Thanks]
My Wife.
Mugen Free For All
Tremaine Bradford / Anthony Keegan / Tolga.... last name I don't know sorry bro.
Tolga for sprite rips? sound rips? and gameplay idea.

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This is our second colaboration with Ryon. I did the Sprites, he did the coding once again. Our first colaboration was SB1 Goku.


Leonardo's colors are based on the first TMNT Movie 1991. Also, I got the voices from TMNT Battle Nexus and The Mutant Nightmare Games.

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