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Industrial Line


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-Super Jump-





Link 1

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Side Note

-Don't have a vid for the current build up yet-
-If you are the author of the texture/robot, speak up and I'll credit you-
-If you don't like the robots, just remove the blocks with "Robot" in the title-
-Found myself feeling bored, and started playing around with a couple textures I found-

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EXShadow I usually want to take a chance to thank you for your long-time awesome MUGEN contributions.  I admire your passionate concentration and continuity very much.  It is just not easy to keep for that long and good.  :bow:


Your MUGEN awesomeness is what makes MUGEN so special -- high quality & quantity original innovative MUGEN stages which are cool enough to make a several unique MUGEN games (imagine a MUGEN fan making his/her/its own MUGEN game with all your MUGEN stages, using their favorite characters, the background scrolling in epic-ness and harmony...). 


Money can't buy exceptional heartiful and thoughtful fan works like yours.  088.gif

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