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Mystic Quest

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Mystic Quest: http://www.mediafire.com/download/zr4wpa0r3mr7dig/Mystic+Quest.rar
Just an stage that me and Ryoucchi made while playing around with stage pieces. No better stage name because it was mostly made for the song its based around.
Claudio Toxi for the water & islands.
Ryo2005 for the sky & hot air balloons
AZAMI for the fog
Roque for the floor.
Other Shit:
Compatibility: 1.0 & Win+
Animated: Yes
Superjump: No

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I have to agree with CAN-BAY Kanbei, it looks great though it would be nice if you had posted a video of the stage in action too. From the looks of it the fog, water and air balloons are definitely going to be animated but I'm not sure about the wind mills or the sky (example rotating wind mills and moving clouds in the sky). If someone could post a video, that would be great.

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