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Midnight Garden

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Midnight Garden: http://www.mediafire.com/download/sdpco7ud5somax0/Midnight+Garden.rar
Just a stage i put together with Ryoucchi after playing around with he floor a bit.
Ryo2005 for the Pillars & Floor, Whomever it was that rip the leaves, bird, statue & trees, Kileak for the water, Dark Savior for the waterfall and bushes,
Other Shit:
Compatibility: 1.0 & Win+
Animated: Yes
Superjump: No

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This absolutely has nothing to do with Shiro's Heavenly Garden stage, now does it?


This one looks really good and I shall definitely download it. Like Astral said, I too love the moon and the overall animation of the river, waterfalls and crows is smooth and pretty to look at. My only personal complaint would be that I feel the statue in the middle of the stage looks kind of out of place. Is there a reliable way to remove it without "damaging" the stage?

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Honestly I love the statue, and the overall look of the stage.


im not sure why some people said the statue was out of place.

this looks more like some kind of court yard to some rich people.

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