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Sonic Boom (Wii U & Nintendo 3DS)


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Yep, thats right, another Sonic game is coming out 
I think




This game is REAL. I'm not faking this. The game is confirmed to have 4 person co-op mutilplayer with local and online play. The game itself is based on the Cartoon Network TV show that's going to be out. (Yes, this is a tv show too. You can see how Eggman looks in the trailer posted by Sega)






Okay so 3 major things






No seriously! What happened here! Why does Knuckles look like nothing but a mindless brute instead of another guy like Sonic or Tails! He looks like Chris from RE5 only WORSE! Next, why is this on a separate planet? I can't make heads or tails about it. It's like they saw Lost World and went "Yeah that works, let's roll with it." Lastly, WHAT'S WITH THE BANDAGES? You can look at their shoes and THOSE are taped up! Why!? It bugs the hell out of me that everyone has bandages for almost no reason, never mind Sonic's new scarf that gives off a gay vibe like Fred from Scooby Doo. On that matter, and this is minor but what the fuck is with Sonic's arms? They're blue. It might be petty but it looks jarring to me. WHY? Why are they blue!? Especially when you look at Amy who has normal color on her arms! What the fuck is with this!? It bugs the hell outta me!


All that shock details aside, it looks...okay I suppose. I'm not sure why you would made a remake series of a franchise that clearly isn't dead yet (What with Lost Worlds), but hey, that's business. I can say though that I like Amy's new design, it's not overly simple anymore and she looks like she's more than just a damsel now with no personality except for stalking and crushing on a guy. Tails is okay I suppose, he looks mostly the same from Adventure 2 just not in a Mecha, can use guns instead of shooting out rings ala 06 and has goggles like a Digidestined....Oh, and let's not forget he can make glowing hands now and make whips out of plasma, like he just got out of the Bulletstorm universe AND the fact that he may or may not have stolen Vegeta's gloves.. Oh, and if you're curious about the designs, the people who worked on this game aren't really from SEGA, some people working on this worked with Naughty Dog (Jak, Ratchet & Clank), so yeah. 


The gameplay for the game looks actually pretty fucking sweet. Like a good experience in speed, agility and overall fun,  Tails' gameplay looks fun instead of annoying or just a straight up rip-off of Sonic. No stupid fucking rings, but a gun blast like you expect from mechanic, And Knuckles can dig like you'd expect him to. Hell even AMY can do good trips flipping around using hammer and doing acrobatics. Hell, the concept of muiltiplayer sounds fun too. No half-assed multiplayer racing, digs and shootouts like in Adventure but real gameplay trying to help each other and get through areas. If they add vs gameplay, cool, if they add fun interactions in multiplayer that'd make it all the more fun. 


Aside from the.....well bizzare and frankly straight-up FUCKED UP redesigns and choices, it looks interesting and I'll give it a chance. Hopefully it won't end up like a DMC kind of remake.



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I didn't mind the designs for any of the characters except Knuckles. I mean look at him! I've never seen him have a humanly chest before bro. Other then that, I think the designs aren't exactly fucked up... but for some reason, the trailer reminded me of Jak and Daxter for whatever reason. The game looks ok. I just feel it turn into the next Sonic '06 or something....

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If they redesigned Knuckles head a bit, it might have worked. But that head on that body looks wonky. I agree with the bandages. The bandages on the shoes just don't make sense.


Still, I hope it turns out to be a good game. I'm patient when it comes to Sonic the Hedgehog, but I don't like seeing him get so many bad games. His games as of late have been hit or miss, but who knows? This might be one of the better ones.

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I'm probably the only one that's really stoked about this, ain't I? I mean, just not for the game, but the cartoon. I can't remember the last time I've since a Sonic cartoon, besides the '90's and Sonic X. I always remembered when I was off-the-walls as a kid and when "The Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog" would come on, I'd be instantly glued to the TV for an hour, cause they'd always show two episodes. However, when they took ALL 3 Sonic series' off the air, I was extremely pissed, cause I looked forward to watching it everyday.


Course, there was the Pokemon anime at the sametime... 

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Knuckles reminds me of Crunch now.....


The game looked pretty awesome though. Maybe this is them older or something?


If you think about it to Knuckles has been scaled up to the other power type characters like vector and gamma so it's not that bad really



"Knuckles new size makes sense. Each character visually displays what they'll probably represent in the game. It seems like they're aiming for an open world game, where you switch between 4 characters each with their own unique skills and mechanics to advance further. Sonic speed and agility. Tails flight and tech. Amy weapons and acrobatics. And Knuckles? Well he's strong and powerful and has always been a strength and melee based character. Having a body structure carbon copy to Sonic doesn't visually represent strength, and that is how Knuckles has always been displayed.
I admit that his legs are disproportionate to his body and looks weird. But the design overall is intelligent to what theyre aiming for."


P.much this youtube comment sums it up

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I agree that Knuckles looks wierd and Amy Rose is dressed sorta like a hooker imo, but as for Sonic and Tails they looks awsome. I'm so glad to hear Craig Smith still voices Sonic it's actually a cartoon I won't dispise this time. Cough.... Sonic X....  Cough....

Sonic and company were never from Earth to begin with, it was stated back in Sonic Adventure Archie Comics Sonic and crew were from Mobius, Earth/ Station Square was hidden below Mobius it's self.

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I personally can find peace with Tails's and Amy's new design though some things have to be adjusted to Sonic's and Knuckles's design. I also agree that Sonic having blue arms and Knuckles being so bulky is just weird. I grew up with the Sonic from the past and present games and that tv show in which he actually had Sonia and Manic as a sister and brother respectively. They usually destroyed Eggman's robots by playing guitars and other instruments (don't understand how playing music on instruments makes those instruments capable of firing off lasers but whatever works I guess..) Now I could only remember that show's name...


EDIT : It's called Sonic Underground.


I saw the trailer for the tv series and the game. The game looks like it's going to be okay though I wonder if they'll redesign other Sonic characters like Shadow or Silver in which case I hope they don't give Shadow bandages/Athletic tape too because that might strengthen the stereotype of Shadow being an emo.


The tv-series itself, if it's going to be in 3D like they did with the Kung Fu Panda animated serie, might just be worth a watch though the humour is so cheesy and predictable (ala Looney Tunes style), that I won't watch all the episodes. Sega said this new branch of Sonic will be targeted towards modern kids but I can't imagine what they mean with that.



Any point why is it on their shoes? LOL


For extended shoe preservation?

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So their shoes won't fly off when they're running, American football players use them a lot.


...That sounds... feasible. :P (Seriously, it does make sense, though.)


Also, I don't get the problem with the blue arms. Are they really that big of a deal?

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