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Char Not Working



Thx To KOtic I Was Able To Find A Char I Was Looking For But It's Not Working In My Mugen

I would attempt To Fix It Myself But I Don't Have Fighter Factory Nor Do I Even Know What  To Do Once I'm In It

This Is The Char: http://www.mediafire.com/?fa5vuwwc6dsz67m


I get This Error Code


I get Error Message When I Try To Use Her

Error message: Invalid trigger: AILevel

Error parsing trigger2, 4

Error parsing [state 120, Hi to Lo'

Error in [state 120]

Error in Celsius.cns

Character needs to be updated. See docs/incompt*.txt.

Error loading chars/Celsius/Celsius.def

Error loading p1


Any Help Would Be Deeply Appreciated!

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Everything I have Mugen Related Is On Win Mugen. All The Chars I Love Are Not In 1.0. Guess I'm Just Faithful To The Old System. But Now I Know It Won't Work Cause Its The 1.0 Version. Off To The Webz I Go. I Will Find This Biatch Today!


Thx For The Help Guys Apreciate you all trying to help :bye:

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