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Warrior from TUGS/Salty's Lighthouse released by FireFIre273 2014/01/20


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Normal Sprite








Taunt & Win pose













[Author's Comment]


Hello there! Been a while since I was on here, but anyway Here's my first character i ever made, It's Warrior from TUGS/Salty's Lighthouse(yes, I am a fan of the British ages 6-18 show TUGS, so please don't make fun of me), It's not great, but kinda fun to play as.


[Personal Comment]


Well, I never expected to see anything like this in M.U.G.E.N. but it's here now. I just wanted to try this out for shits and giggles and there is not much to say about this character. He obviously has no AI, only 1 palette, the sprites are definately not the worst I've seen  and since he's a boat, it only makes sense he can jump. And yes, he can crouch too, somehow. He has 1 attack which is a projectile attack which I can not identify. Also he has no intro pose and when he taunts or does his win pose, he vanishes. I recommend you only download him for collection purposes or funsies.


Even with all those remarks, I would not go bashing on the author because it is his first creation and he obviously has much to learn. Unfortunately I do not know if he has any intention to update this character or not, so promises of everything being fixed I can not give you.


Additional info regarding this character's origin : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tugs_(TV_series)

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Hey, you are a great guy and I LOOOVVVEE retarded characters like Pingu, Barney and this. But this.....well, definitely needs some work. I mean I want to see him more playable or better looking and more working, this is definitely alpha stage material. So keep working on him, try to get some more animations, or videos if possible.

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EDIT : Apparently this character is a spriteswap of Chunky Kong by J.Newman as displayed here :




Also don't expect this to ever get any better because of this :



*looks in spoiler*



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