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Kyo Brunestud released by Anomi polis 2014/01/09


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She's basically a Melty Blood styled Arcueid who uses Kyo Kusanagi's flames for her special and super moves. Not to bad to play as and comes with 12 palettes and a double jump ability. She's also capable of summoning Kyo and Kusanagi as individual strikers which was unexpected for me but nice none the less. Her AI is pretty brutal too so if you want somewhat of a challenge, she's a good choice. Definately recommendable if you like what-if'ish characters. 


One thing I did find odd when playing as her was that when she entered her Blood Heat Mode and the opponent got hit by the outburst, he'd fly against the side of the stage and remain frozen in the air for a few seconds before falling on the ground, allowing her to get in some hits/cheap shots. I don't know if this is a bug or if the same thing happens in the Melty Blood games. If it's the first, Anomi polis might fix that in a future update.

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she plays ok, she still has a melty blood gameplay just with Kyo's moves which is a bit awkward but it's not bad, but the supers with KOF effects just sounds awkward with the mb background, and I cannot for the life of me bring out the assists, and also the button dodge doesn't work the way it's supposed to, I can't dodge any hits at all with it they just end up hitting me, well, shes not bad but not great either.

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As of January 16, Anomis has updated Kyo Brunestud with the following tweaks and fixes :



1) Modified Big Portrait

2) 182 Shiki modify one

3) Add 108 shiki (Blood Hit Mod) => Blood Heat Mode



Both download links in the first post have been updated to allow you to DL the latest version of the character. Also please note that I have taken the liberty of adding Ryoucchi's Fixed Portraits in a separate folder inside the character for those whom would like to have fixed portraits. You can obtain this version from the MediaFire link.

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Anomipolis has updated Kyo Brunestud on March 13 with the following fixes :


- New win pose


- Fixed errors


DL links have been updated in the first post. The MediaFire version contains Ryoucchi's fixed portraits for all those who are interested.

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