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Nick Fury


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[Download] http://adf.ly/a4G2t [Comment]

Name : Nick Fury Universe : Marvel Version : Release 2 Author : Ryon Sprites : GMSpectre =Update= + Added Jump Land sounds, and Dash sounds. = Altered Juggle points for launcher into combos. = Altered the way Heavy Punch works in the air, No more Recoil. = Altered Charging Forearm special to go faster and further. = Tweaked Standing Light Punch , and Crouching Light Punch and Kicks. = Tweaked Grab time, Now he is left grabbing for a long time, 10 ticks, compared to 1 tick. =Backstory To Creation= I was requested to make a Nick Fury by crosspotts1.0 from Mugen Multiverse. He said he had recolored the sheet, What he failed to tell me at the start was that this Nick Fury was already made. So he requested I remake it in MVC style. I downloaded the original to compare, and HOLY COW! The original sucked! It just wasnt fun. So I decided to give this guy a good effort to make him a all around MVC style badass. =Command Legend= D - Down F - Forward U - Up B - Back Lp - Light Punch Mp - Medium Punch Hp - Heavy Punch Lk - Light Kick Mk - Medium Kick Hk - Heavy Kick P - Any Punch K - Any Kick =Special Command List= Grab  - Mp+Mk Handgun  - Hp Shotgun  - D , DF , F , P Flamethrower  - D , DB , B , P Proton Cannon  - D , DF,  F , 2P Charging Forearm  - D , DF,  F , 2K

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@ Genesis

nope LOL.


@ Syncro

I did lower them?

But also you gotta consider these Marvel characters do not have flat footing like other characters.

Also they look better on some stages than others.

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Hellz yeah brother! *high fives*!


I saw the other ones that looked alot like. Cable. Even though this is Cyclops. given the right gameplay mechanics you can make anybody play great.


and I hate to say it but i LOVE how the Proton Cannon turned out.

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