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Kamui Tokinomiya (β/Beta version) released by 匿名スマブラー (06/10/2013)

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All right, so I managed to get into a computer real quick and tried her out. -CLSN leave a lot to desire. It's the multiple boxes on pixel of sprite kind. -At the same time, all of her sword attacks have infinite priority. -Koufu/Her counter doesn't come out as it should only coming when it wants to making it unreliable to use. This also means that you might as well forget about using her critical heart/lvl 3 -Kaffa/her quickdraw attack doesn't seem to be able to be held as well as I remember. Could be me screwing up, but still. -For some reason, she's triggering some debug flood. -Welp, better learn some time arcana stuff. It's Kamui's arcana and you're stuck with it. -Speaking of, one of the biggest weaknesses with it is that you're supposed to get meter at a slower rate, but I seem to be able to get meter rather quickly. -It was probably the same with Fiona, but my god you are definitely not going to miss that chance on a counter hit. I don't remember counters having this much hitstun. A few issues that need to be ironed out, but otherwise good enough.

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