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/Siegfried Released by C.R.O.M - CVS artist Updated 8/18/13

Lord Batros

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going to bed or else id put up a new pic of him in action also .....



From the authors post 


[move set]
Legacy Testament:
D, DF, F, D, DF, x or y or z
Chariot Splitter:
D, DF, F, x or y or z
with ex version
Drop Kick:
D, DF, F, a or b or c
with ex version
Break Kick:
D, DB, B, a or b or c
Shadow Buster:
D, D, x or y or z
Rook Splitter:
B, F, x or y or z
Chariot Splitter 2:
F, B, x or y or z
Spinning Cross Combo:
D, DB, B, x or y or z
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