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Anti-11's Works


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That is QuickSilver's Redux lol

Anti never had a website for his stuff (would make this easier if he did though)


I had alot if this stuff. I wanted the Last Line for so long...I loved Tru Carnage. Man, I didn't realize he was the same guy. Meh...he's still a wankster. But at lest he's a talented one. HA! :yaoming:

Tru Carnage was my fav thing by him. Lmao, well you should tell him yourself since he doubts his talents :3

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1st Post Updated


Decayed Arena (2 Versions)

Floating Ruins

Stormy Night

Aeros Tower

Redwood Forest

World of the Distorted

Old Trail

Verdent Road (3 Versions)

Midnight View

Aoi's Tower

Owl's Meditation

City Outskirts

Cerine Forest

Axel's Hideaway


All thanks to Orochi Gill for sending these stages and not deleting them after all these years.


I'm not sure why my panoramas got scaled that way, oh well.

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