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Nintendo Direct E3 Special


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Each Presentation is based on the segments of games.

Smaller none presented games are just listed. Bigger games are separated.


First Presentation

Pokemon X Y

-> October 12

-> Kalos Region

-> New Type (Fairy) Super Effective against Dragons.

-> Pokemon Amie (Imagine Nintendog's except with Pokemon.)


Second Presentation

Super Mario 3D World

-> 4 Player Co-Op ( Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad Stool)

-> 3D Roaming (like Mario 64)

-> New Enemies

-> New Graphics

-> New Power Up (Cat Mario, Wall Climbing, Scratching action)

-> December 2013


Third Presentation

Mario Kart 8

-> New Courses

-> New Graphics

-> Driving, Flying, Anti Gravity Driving?! (Walls and Ceiling)

-> Online Multiplayer

-> Spring 2014


Forth Presentation

Wii Party U

-> New Gameplay Video, and "Tabletop Mini Games"

-> Ryon Personally Recommends

-> October 2013


Wii Fit U

-> Delayed Till December 2013


Art Academy Wii U

-> In Development for eShop


Fifth Presentation

Nintendo 2013 3rd Party Games

Assassin's Creed Black Flag

Batman Archam Origins (Wii U)

Batman Archam Origins Black Gate (3DS)

Dues Ex Human Evolution

Disney Infinity

Just Dance 2014

Rayman Legends

Scribblenauts Unmasked DC Universe

Disney Planes

Shin Megami tensai 4

Skylanders Swap Force (3DS)

Skylanders Swap Force (Wii U)

Tom Clancy's Splintercell Black List

Sonic Lost World



eShop Releases

Ball Point Universe

Cloudberry Kingdom

Coaster Crazy Deluxe

Ducktales : Remastered

Mutant Mudds

Odd World

Shovel Knight

Spin The Bottle

World Of Keflings

and More...


Sixth Presentation

Legend Of Zelda Wind Waker HD

-> E3 Gameplay Showcase, Very awesome.

-> Digital Render 1080p


Seventh Presentation

Wonderful 101

->Co-Op 5 Players

->Unite Mode on touch screen turns you into objects or things.

->September 15th 2013


Eight Presentation

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze


->2 Player Co-Op

->Dixie Kong Returns!

->November 2013


Nine Presentation

Bayonetta 2

-> Gameplay Video, More Sexy Hair Witch.

-> Hack & Slash awesomesauce.

-> 2014


Tenth Presentation

Xenoblade Chronicles X

-> New E3 Trailer

-> Must Get Freaking AWESOME.

-> Flying Robot Battle

-> Launching 2014


Final Presentation

Super Smash Bros. (For Wii U / For Nintendo 3DS)


New Character Villager (Animal Crossing)



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