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Raging Kim 1.01 (MAJOR UPDATE)


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Copied from updated Read Me.

= 1.01 UPDATE =
- Fixed, Remnant CLSN.
- Fixed, Foward Heavy Kick
- Fixed, Damage for B+Y
- Fixed, Misaligned effect.
- Added, Running sounds! *yayeeess*

= 1.00 UPDATE =
- Completely Redid SFF to standard Low Res sprites.
- Practically recoded almost all moves to fit new sprite size.
- New hitsparks, and various sprites are new.
- Recoded throw
- Added alot of new palettes
- Overall he is a practically recoded Raging Kim.
- A.I will come sooner or later. Hopefully sooner.
- Holding Start + C, when selecting to get Rainbow Palette.

Name    : Raging Kim Kaphwan
Created by  : Ryon
Website  : http://www.MugenFreeForAll.com
Release Date  : January 2nd 2011 (UPDATED) MAY 19TH 2013
Version    : 1.00

Raging Kim was a character I created out of my love for his style in the KOF games.
There have been MANY accurate representations of him in mugen, However none of them actually-
played fast and furious and most of the times the moves never really flowed into each other so well. Thus my idea sparked for him, What your about to play is my idea of how Kim should play. and Raging is my prefix so I have to make him raging.

R.Kim can do alot actually. I've made majority of his moves accurate to the source games, as well as threw in some ideas from other games. Such as the "Ex" system that Street Fighter 3 has. (Not nothing like KOF13, this was before that), More comboability, and a fun factor alot of Kim's never had.

Target Combo  - A, A, A
Launcher  - Down, Forward, X or Y
Hi En Zan  - Down, Up, A or B
->Tenshou Zan  - Down + B (after Hi En Zan)
Haki Kyaku  - D,D, A or B
Han Getsu Zan  - Down, Back, A or B
Hishou Kyaku  - Down + B (Air Only)
Unknown Name  - Forward, Down, Back, A or B

Launcher  - Down, Forward, X+Y
Hi En Zan  - Down, Up, A+B
Haki Kyaku  - D,D, A+B
Han Getsu Zan  - Down, Back, A+B
Hishou Kyaku  - Down + A+B (Air Only)

Hou'ou Kyaku  - Down, Back, Down, Forward, A or B (Ground) Or (Air)
Chou Tenshou Zan - Down, Forward, Down, Forward, A or B (Ground) Or (Air)
Hou'ou Hiten Kyaku - Down, Forward, Down, Forward, X or Y (Ground)

~ Special Thanks ~
Mugen Free For All, Constant Support.
SNK for making Kim
Elecbyte for making Mugen.
My Wife. No reason.
YOU. For downloading and playing with my cockamany ideas for Kim.

- New Small Portrait.
- 12 Victory Quotes.
- Added Effects / New Effects.
- Added Haki Kyaku EX.
- Added Throw , Still needs some work.
- Corrected some Hitspark Alignment.
- Fixed "Missing" animations , New Intro, Fixed Win Pose, Lose Pose, Dizzy, Air Recovery.
- Fixed Hien Zan missing shorter opponents.
- Rechecked EX and Super moves to NOT GIVE BACK power.
- Damage Revised, No Dampener Yet.
- Changed Juggle Points, Some moves will not connect (which is intentional)

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