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[Touhou Suimusou(Immaterial and Missing Power)] SDM Clock Tower at 11:15 PM

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The Name of this stage is so big it won't fit in the Title. LOL
[Touhou Suimusou (Immaterial and Missing Power)] Scarlet Devil Mansion Clock Tower at 11:15 PM

Resolution: 640, 480.
Animation: No.
Super Jump: Yes. Hell, It is better off being called Ultra Jump.
Parallax: No.
Wide: Yes.
BGM: Yes.

To RandomTalkingBush for the sprites


[Change Log]

Version 1.1: Fixed the Transparency of Clock

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Answer is Ryon! LOL

He made that KFM. Go to Ryon's Channel at YouTube and Check for his Flying Tutorial. There must be a link to download Flying KFM in the description.


OK, I got it what's wrong with it.

The Transparency! That's wrong with it. I'll fix it right away.

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The HELL kinda stage name is that? why not just call it "SDM_Clock_Tower.def" It is Stage, not Char.

Well, I'm not the better person with naming stuff. I'm probobly the worst. And about that problem. What? Why it says -1,-1? I'll check it again.
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