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Toro Inoue by madoldcrow1105 - 4/4/13


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[ le idle animation ] Toroidle.gif   [ le notes ] Based on his appearances in SFxT and PASBR. Difficult to combo with unlike crow's other characters, but it's cute (so much nya~). Kuro appears in one of his attacks, has a Shun Goku Satsu (Toro's Dream Comes True ^0^) and plenty of attacks. Uses all buttons.   [ le video ]

  [ le download ]


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that rare time i will double post to make sure my feedback is seen


hes good  I love how he took his supers and the karate moveset from psallstars I would however would of liked to see him use some moves with his hammer and ninja self other than that i don't really have much complaints at all.


a few nitpicks


I would of made the broom a rapid button press thing to keep going like the game


when the star explodes for his level 2 it would look better if it exploded into well stars or light or something


his clsns all have infinite priority almost... not a fan of that


other than that i have nothing else to complain about im using this char in my roster. but i might fix the clsns myself.

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