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CVS Taki by Super Dragon Updated (07/03/2013).


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hi mugen universe the cvs artist is here with an update with taki chuchoryu helped with taki while i was busy and now he is 99% complete she can combo well she has a good ai but not aggressive like the tekken characters but she she is fun to play with now all her sprites now have the mask on thanks to chuchoryu i fixed the ex kick so the enemy get hit back and falls down she has a new stance now with her breast bouncing she has a new intro so most of her stuff is in and if your asking if she will have a level 2 super then no one reason why this is in there on propose is because i wanted her to have one super and one finishing super if you can imagine soul calibur 4 and 5 critical system combined with regular supers and finishing attack enough talking just download her and have fun


Still sprites animations need improvement imo but now have AI ^_^.

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Both improve at a very slow rate imo...


The only thing i can say is that SuperD should focus more i the sprites rater than in the coding

cuz in base the sprites are good but the animations looks rushed.

those were my thots exactly 

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