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Another Ryu (82%) beta v2!


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Copied From Read Me

Name : Ryu
Style : Another
Occupation : Wandering Martial Artist
Age : Questionable
Version : 80.0

This started as a strange idea years ago, That came back and struck me on how epic it could turn out. Using my now better knowledge on the subject of coding, I can make this Ryu badass comparded to my other ryu. (Raging Ryu)

Play style consists of a mist of Street Fighter Alpha and Street Fighter EX, with some Street Fighter 4 Tossed in.

~Move List~
x - Light Punch
y - Medium Punch
z - Fierce Punch
a - Light Kick
b - Medium Kick
c - Fierce Kick
s - Start/Taunt

Normal Moves
Throw - X+Y

Special Moves
Hadouken - Down, Forward, Punch
Shoryuken - Forward, Down, Forward, Punch
Tatsumaki - Down, Back, Kick
Stallion Kick - Back, Down, Forward, Kick
Focus Punch  - C+Z

Special Moves
Ex.Hadouken - D,F,2x Punch (AIR OK)
Shoryuken - Next Release
Ex.Tatsumaki - D,B, 2x Kick (AIR OK)
Stallion Kick - Next Release

Hyper Moves
Shinku Hadouken - D, F, D, F, Punch (AIR OK)
Shinku Tatsumaki - D, B, D, B, Kick (AIR OK)
Shin Shoryuken - D, F, D, F, Kick (2 Guages)
Surge Fist - D, B, D, B, Punch
-> Lv1 Multi Hit, Finishing In Air.
-> Lv2 Multi Hit, Finishing On Ground.
-> Lv3 Didnt Code Yet.


I Still have much more work to do on him.
Such as a "Shoryu Reppa" for Ken Palette. (Palette 7)
a true "SF1" Mode for Palette 12.
But majority is finished, And Its good enough to release and get back some feedback.
I know of a couple of his issues already but please list em.

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Cool idea, Ryon. I'm digging the way you blended the sfa, cvs?, and sf3 sprites. I especially like the way the shoryuken is sprited. His gameplay is different from any other Ryu I've used. The SFEX styled Hurricane kick was nice! But, when I hold forward or back when throwing, the oponent just flies in the direction I pushed. lol!


It's no secret that I'm a fan of Ryu, so I'm looking forward to future updates on this one.

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Testing against Kung Fu Man.

- Forward + x+y does not throw opponents correctly, even though they are put into a custom state. He just goes back to normal idle stance while the opponent does that weird animation. Is this intentional?

- After throwing hadokens, they do not seem to disappear from the clipboard, even though they are off the screen.

- In action 1010 frame 5, there is a bit of green pixel line on Ryu's foot. Just a little graphical nitpicking there.

+ Fixed The Throwing Issue, But please keep in mind I suck HORRIBLY at coding throws, Custom States are easy but throws are like a completely different ball game. I will work on making it better.

+ Fixed clipboard issue, Hadoukens killself after a set time now.

+ Fixed that green pixel, when I had the color separation palette on, I couldn't see it.


Focus Attack whiffs on crouching opponents

And you still didnt address the issues with the crumple state I mentioned

+ Fixed Focus Punch "whiffing" Crouching Opponents. And by Crumble State, do you mean like someone falling to there knee's? Cause right now I just have them enter a "trip" state.



His pretty solid, but just a few things.

- No matter what button you press, the hadoukens fly at the same speed, variety in their speeds would be cool.

- Every hadouken can knock the opponent down. Last I checked, projectiles only knockdown against airborne opponents

- Make the focus attack cancelable the way it originally is. That way it plays a bigger role.

That's it. Hope to see this guy completed.

+ Fixed / Changed the speed at which hadoukens travel based on button pressed.

+ Fixed / Now only airborne opponents get knocked down, Standing will simply move back.

+ Changed / Focus attack now cancelable into Dash Back and Dash Forward. (after 5 ticks) , Also Now knocks opponent down if their in the Air, as compared to become it would put them into Custom State while in the air (standing in the air)



- You can make an infinite with the focus punch and spamming it you can kill the opponent;

- there's a problem with the throw: if you press any button after grabbing the enemy, you'll change the state while the enemy is in the custom state;

eg you're doing the throw, you press forward while the enemy is in the custom state, you'll walk (state 20);

(already reported by N64Mario)

- the ex versions of the moves, such as Hadouken, Tatsumaki, don't have their characteristic sound;

- you're not supposed to do that, but if you skip the intro, you can still hear the Ryu's voice.

- Changed / I've made it a bit harder to spam/inf. But its still a issue.

+ Fixed / Already Sorta.

- Will update when i finish off the EX moves properly.

- Its technically 1 sound file. and even if i split it into 2, there is no proper way to stop introduction sounds from playing over, even if its on channel 0. (at least to my knowledge.

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You might want to put a NotHitBy parameter on your projectiles.

+Fixed this issue, as well as some other hadouken related issues. Thanks Alexei.

To be honest, I'm really not fond of what you did here.
I know you don't go for accuracy at all, so that's not what I'm expecting, but some things feel really wrong (apart from the obvious missing sounds) :

- Vels for P2 being throw are really odd when he's in the air. Or maybe it's the sprite alignment (when P2 rotates in the air).
- Lack of envshake on every special/supers feels bad.
- 1st hit of Shoryuken makes P2 stay on ground, so P2 won't be knocked out after most combos (basics > Shoryuken).
- Vels for tatsumaki are really odd. Goku goes really slowly and flies in a strange manner. Balthazar's GIFs feel much more natural IMO.
- Why can't Stallion Kick be combo'd into from basics, seeing the loose gameplay ?
- Why the English name for Stallion Kick ? Also, command could be changed to qcf+K IMO.
- Focus Punch seems to be performable on the opponent as an infinite.
- Last kick of Ex.Tatsumaki could get more envshake and hitpause.
- Super FX during Shinku Tatsumaki shouldn't be on the head but on the foot, no ?
- Did I miss something, or can we hit Ryu out of Surge Fist with no problem because of the VERY long startup.
- P2 can air recover at the end of Surge Fist.

+ I cant code throws ok.. ya got me... >_> i'll fix it eventually.
+ FIXED, Added it all around the place, so much that im shaking now as we speak.
+ ADJUSTED, Fixed the way it works, extended the hitbox a tiny bit.
= I'll look into it when I have more time.
+ Oh come on now your just nit picking. I dont know the name in japanese. even thought im sure someone mentioned it. and HCF is the offical command except in MVC3 where its a shoryuken command with a kick button.
+ FIXED, Infinite focus punch. 2nd Focus punch now knocks them back. Thanks Alexei
+ CHANGED, Nit picking again but I changed it to his foot.
= Intentionally long start up.
+ FIXED, air recovery issue. No more recovery.

lol whoops, er, anyways

- Lack of cornerpush on crouching normals.
- Chaining feels bad. Like, you can't do punches to kicks, it's weird.

Also Cybaster, Stallion Kick has always been HCF+K it's SF3 tradition, man!

- Didnt fix corner push issue, I will next update.
+ CHANGED, Combo ability should be ALOT easier now. ALOT.

@ RicePidove. I looked at your post, and i've altered the guardflags (except for F+MP, cause i didnt see it) To be better. Its in the update below.
Thanks BRAH!

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