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What's Goin' On?


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This is "What's Goin' On?": A stage I've created just for the hell of it. It was a fun little (well, not in file size :P) project that I hope you guys

will like.

You can download the full song here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/gzur3c.

I've cleaned it up as well.


["What's Goin' On"'s Readme]

Name: What's Goin' On?


Release Date: 1/13/2013

M.U.G.E.N Version: 1.0

Author: Alexei Roschak (kenshinx0)

Description: This is a stage I've been wanting to make since I saw this video

a while ago. It's something that I usually never do, but I can have fun too,

so here it is.


Place the "WhatsGoingOn.def" and "WhatsGoingOn.sff" files in your "Stages" folder and place

the "WhatsGoingOn.mp3" in your sounds folder. That's it. Add it to your select.def

and you're done.


This stage was done from scratch with no source graphics but the video I pulled

from YouTube. I find it hilarious. There are flying sparkles in the background

and there's a tv in the center, on the ground that plays the video. I would have

included more (it was original plan), but any more and I fear that mugen won't

be able to handle it.

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