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  1. In my opinion if Bill Cipher was a balanced character he would have to say for his intro "Hey I'll go easy on you pal." Interesting idea I think.
  2. Strange, I am able to download them just fine. I'm using Chrome.
  3. Right click on a video and click copy embedded code. Then paste. Also this character looks great!
  4. Thanks guys :) I'll be sure to make some palettes in a new thread. Then after that it's onto stages.
  5. This character is a mess. But its fun making palettes for it. This is my first shot at making palettes. I made two packs, the first is based on the palettes from Super Smash Bros. 4, The second is some extra ones I made. Pack 1: Orange, Blue, Brown, Pink, Yellow, Cyan, Dark Download: Pack 2: Invert, Mew, Shadow-ish, Shiny, Tron Download:
  6. It's pretty simple. All you need to do is make sure it's in your data folder (Typically in a new folder in the data folder). Then you need to open up the mugen.cfg file and set the screen pack. This is done by editing motif = data/mugen1/system.def Just make sure it is directed to your screen pack's system.def file. Example: motif = data/screenpack/system.def
  7. I am truly impressed with your editing skills my friend! Hope to see more!
  8. Ok here are the steps: 1. Go into your character def file and paste this into the def file: 2. Any palettes that are being loaded as files you need to remove. Example: Your DEF File should looks something like this: 3. Now you need to add the palettes to the character's SFF file. So open the character in fighter factory and go to the sprites. Before you add the palettes you need to convert the SFF to 1.1. To do this go down the the bottom of fighter factory and you will see Version: or maybe Version: Click it and set it to Mugen 1.1. To add the palettes find this: A window will pop up and you will have to find the .act files that are the palettes of the character. Make sure to only do all of the act files accept for the default one. Then this will come up: You want to set the group to 1 and the index to 2 and click OK. This will add the palettes to the SFF file now you can save the SFF file. 5. Finally you need to add a small amount of code to the .cns file or the states. You need to find Statedef 5900. It may look something like this. You need to add this code to the State Def Add it right underneath Type = S above the other states. Like this If you cannot find [Statedef 5900] Just go to the bottom of the character's cns file and paste this: Hopefully this fixes your problem! :)
  9. Some older characters use a different way of applying palettes. This topic goes through the steps to fix this issue. If your character does not have statedef 5900 then just add It. If you need an in depth tutorial just let me know.
  10. This may be a simple question but how was this made? Was it made from scratch or using some program to combine the animations? Because I know that fighter factory can't export gif images like this one.
  11. There are no life bars for that screenpack so you will have to use your own.
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