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  1. Well... days ago i've started doing a video about some guy (i'd prefer not naming it there cause he's terminated from YouTube thanks of my expose video and to prevent future drama) wich mass-harras people, threatens people and he did Doxxing at my social media so i got threatened to get reported for "showing cyber-crime" of that guy however my ex-gf, close friends and my mom got involved in this and is so appreciated that this boi stopped days later since i reported him for Doxxing my personal info, Sexual Threats and Death Threats cause of a long of historial of this guy's foul stuff.

    I blocked this guy however the comments are still on that expose video till today wich i now noted that those comments are deleted by YouTube and looking it that he's terminated thanks of that i should be now calm cause his parents threatened me to get jailed as i saw on my instagram account and i deleted those comments cause this already stopped for good.

    i was taking fresh air these days after reciving a lot of threats from him and their parents to get arrested or death threating my presence so this stopped and i can be calm as well.

    1. Noside


      Interesting, I would love to see who this mofo is.

    2. jo19sh92


      I hope you'll be able to figure this crap out mate. The internet is a pretty unrelenting place.

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